Test your Eyesight!

Do men and women see differently? – take our scientific test to find out!

Every day we see thousands of images, but men and women look at them differently. To prove this scientific fact try the following test: look at the two pictures below and find the differences between them in the shortest possible time.



Have you had a really GOOD look at both pictures?
What’s different about them?
Please select ONLY ONE answer from the two choices below:
One car’s red and the other’s blue.
The girl leaning over the blue car has no pants on!

Sumber: utterpants

One Response to Test your Eyesight!

  1. berkata:

    Buset, kok gw dikatain “You’re a Man” yah 😕

    Padahal kan gw cewe tulen gitu loh .. 😛

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